Lila and Pumpkin 

Ya’ll don’t understand how much I adore my cats. Lila is the black and white one, we got her about 4 years ago. Pumpkin is the ginger one who we got 9 months ago. Lila was given to us by my bestfriend at the time and we rescued pumpkin at 2 weeks old. I’ve had […]


I didn’t think that I would ever have to deal with a relative dying. My fathers death came unexpectedly. Its been 8 months and i still remember being told the news as if it was yesterday. Ever since I went off to college, our relationship distancing. We rarely talked an when he called, I would […]

Where to begin..

Welcome friends, I’m not sure where to start. Remember my boyfriend, the one I was gushing over in my first couple of posts? WELL, once we were off to college, he told me exactly what he wanted. You can assume that we were NOT o the same page, AT ALL. We stayed talking all of […]

This is me.

Hi there, My name is Cat. Haven’t been here since the end of my sophomore year to the beginning of my junior year in high school . I’m currently a sophomore in college and its stressful af. I’m turning 21 in a month and I’m not gonna lie, I’m excited. So much has happened in […]

Film making !

SO! I happen to be making a film. YES! A film indeed. It is called Los Fuertes.  In made this film through the help of Reel Works. A non- profit organization that helps in risk youth let their voices be heard. I had the opportunity to be one of the lucky 15 people to join […]


You know whats the best part about summer for a teenager is? NO SCHOOL ! It honestly feels like a relaxing moment, but then you realize that in a couple of week you go back to the same routine for about 8 or 9 months. Its not a pleasant thought, although school isn’t very fascinating, […]