About Me

Hello there ! I’m Catherine but I’m known as Cathy but I like being called Catt. I am currently enrolled in high school and I’m a sophomore. I have two brothers who I adore dearly but make me want to throw a shoe at them sometimes. I am a small person. I can’t reach certain items and it makes me sad, ha ! I have some of the greatest friends in my life that make me who I am today ! They are truly awesome and even though they are mean half the time they still manage to be cool peeps :D. I also have a shovel I know ! it sounds weird but I have a thing for shovels and AHH! I have one 😀 thanks to a certain human who I love dearly <3. Music is life and FOOD is everything !


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lol! What’s your thing for shovels?
    I heard some people say that they are not ‘short’ but “Fun Sized!” – I think you’re probably fun sized too since you have really good humor!

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