Lila and Pumpkin 

Ya’ll don’t understand how much I adore my cats. Lila is the black and white one, we got her about 4 years ago. Pumpkin is the ginger one who we got 9 months ago. Lila was given to us by my bestfriend at the time and we rescued pumpkin at 2 weeks old. I’ve had pets before, turtles, bunnies, fishes and I’ve loved them all. My cats have become an essential part of my family tree.ever since we got Lila, my little brother who is autistic, was able to open up more and his speech improved. My mom and I can be very religious and superstition at times and when my dad died, my older brother took it the hardest. When my older brother would wake up, pumpkins would be laying beside him on his pillow. She did this for the first 2 weeks after his death. Lila would constantly sleep with my little brother by his feet and pumpkin would also join him by sleeping on his pillow as well. My mom had me. I like to talk about my cats because they mean so much to me and my family. They’re also super cute to look at, HOW CAN YOU NOT THINK THEY’RE CUTE AF!! 


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