I didn’t think that I would ever have to deal with a relative dying. My fathers death came unexpectedly. Its been 8 months and i still remember being told the news as if it was yesterday. Ever since I went off to college, our relationship distancing. We rarely talked an when he called, I would ignore it. But the times we did, we would spend hours talking and we would enjoy each other company. I took him for granted. I look for him when I need someone to talk to and i miss going out with him. He wasn’t around most of the time and we would go months without hearing from him, but we always knew that he could call at any point. Till this day, no one in my family can believe it . He didn’t have a painful death. The aneurysm in his brain burst and he fell asleep. He was found lying on the beach. The very same beach that he would take us to in the summer. I miss my dad, my family is broken and I’m not ashamed to say that. I recently discovered that my brother and I are constantly living in fear that my mom could pass away or y brothers could or I could. It’s something that my mother caught on to and when she brought it up to me, I couldn’t resist but cry and agree with her. Sadly, this has made me afraid that something might happen. I love my family and i’m thankful for them. I miss my dad, we all do. He was the family mediator and now we’re missing a piece. I love him and I need my dad.


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