Where to begin..

Welcome friends, I’m not sure where to start. Remember my boyfriend, the one I was gushing over in my first couple of posts? WELL, once we were off to college, he told me exactly what he wanted. You can assume that we were NOT o the same page, AT ALL. We stayed talking all of freshman year and the beginning of sophomore year. He ends up having sex with some girl spring semester and shit broke my heart. None less, I loved J and chose to still talk and be with him and he did too. He tried to tell me time and time again, that he was trying to get me to hate him so I’d break up with him. We still talked and i saw him summer 16′. Coming to last semester, we STILL kept talking and was shitting on my life to just find out that he kept fucking (sorry) other girls the WHOLE time. I still stayed. I’m dumb. I love the kid but right now, we are not on speaking terms. I can’t help but want to talk to him because i though he was my “person” (reference to Grey’s Anatomy”. That consumed my life andI let it affect my grades. It’s something I’m not proud of but It happened and I’m trying to pick myself back up. I relied on someone for so long and it kills me to even say that. I like to say that I’m independent but, my high school sweetheart was my best friend. Sorry to drop the bomb but shit happens and ya’ll are strangers who can tell me shit up front.


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