Film making !

SO! I happen to be making a film. YES! A film indeed. It is called Los Fuertes.  In made this film through the help of Reel Works. A non- profit organization that helps in risk youth let their voices be heard. I had the opportunity to be one of the lucky 15 people to join the program out of 80 applications that were sent in. It has been an amazing, difficult STRESSFUL and just plain great experience. I got to make a film on what I felt I needed and wanted to share with the world. Also I got to learn how to shoot and get great footage. I got to learn how to shoot different angle types such as close, wide, medium shots. All that make a good documentary.

  The worst part for me about doing this documentary process was the editing stage. OH MY GAWD!! I have never been so stressed before in my life! It was more stressful then school. The thing with editing is it can either be really fun or plain disgusting as I call it. The thing with the footage that I had was that when it came to editing I was lost as a puppy. I felt that everything was out of place. It all comes down to how well you organize all the footage you have and from the organization comes in handy. You can put everything into separate acts, cut things down, do narration, put a shit load of b-roll footage. AHHHH

   My film is a very personal film to me. It is about my family. Mom, younger and older brother. How my little brother is autistic and my Older brother is Gay and Epileptic and how my mom had to go through life knowing this and who it impacted her. Every time I would interview my mom about my older and how she felt when he told her that he was gay, she would burst into tears. It made me cry to see her like that even though he came out to her like 6 years ago. With my little brother it was more of a family topic and what we went through. And the charator that waas in literally every scene was my cat Lila. You would either hear her bell or see her in any scene LOL. I loved making my documentary . Here is the trailer.


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