You know whats the best part about summer for a teenager is? NO SCHOOL ! It honestly feels like a relaxing moment, but then you realize that in a couple of week you go back to the same routine for about 8 or 9 months. Its not a pleasant thought, although school isn’t very fascinating, the great apart about it is that we get to see our close friends and joke around. In september I’m going to be a JUNIOR!  It actually scares me because, it means that I am not to far away from graduating and heading off to DUN DUN DUNNNN collage! Besides that, this summer has not gone as planned and that makes me upset!. Its because i planned to go out with my peeps and go out with my boyfriend, but life said NO! Its not all that bad. NO SUMMER SCHOOL THIS YEAR. I honestly feel like i did great towards the end of the year with my regents, my scores for global studies I believe was a 76 & for Living environment was a 73, or was it backwards o.o. Thanks to my amazing Living Environment teacher Ms.Schenck who, because of her and her fun and cool teaching but sometimes strict and hard labs to do, her help came in handy and i got a score that i was proud of because I know that I remembered things and I did well on my own.  Also, to my global II teacher Mr. Mears who everyone loved dearly and god bless him because , to be honest i loved his class! It was fun and global is just an interesting subject. ANYWAYS, I got a cat :D.

Her name is Lila ( Lie-la ) and she is my BABY! I find it cute because she’s a cat and I am sometimes called cat,but yeah!Lila and I

It was my little brothers birthday not to long ago and he’s 14. I CAN’T WIHT LIFE! He’s my baby and he’s going to high school and :(.Cristian's Bithday

Got to spend some time with Poppa bear, Henry and Cristian playing billiards together and then watching the Wolverine ;).

Billiards with the fam. Cristian on the top left corner , Poppa bear on the top right corner, I on the bottom left corner and Henry on the bottom right corner

Bonding time with henry 😀


Went to my friend Karen's sweet 16 with Isaiah :)

Went to a friend’s sweet 16 with Isaiah 🙂


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