Junior Year.

So we just entered school on the 9th and I was so excited, it was creepy. My classes aren’t what I hoped they would be, but I have to suck it up and tru to do my best regardless of what goes on. I really hoped to have some classes with Isaiah (my boyfriend), Senia, Celeste and Piolo. But NO! I have no classes with Isaiah, piolo or celeste only Senia. This sucks man! It’s cool though, I’ll live. My first period class is chemistry and -.- it alright but my teacher isn’t all that bad. I also have playwriting which is basically theater also english and geometry. Idunno why some kids have trig when they were suppose to be in geometry but no! I feel HURT! I also have U.S history with Ms. Cruz and OMG! She is so adorable and sweet I love her and her class already!!! Also gym but i don’t know why i don’t really enjoy gym this year.Also I’m going to miss my 10th grade teachers Ms. Schench, Ms.Dunzelman and Mr. Greenblat:( Es okey though because they taught me well.!!! Let’s hope thia year tuens out alright!! but I’m not to happy with it. Junior year scares me because next year is senior year and then I’m off to college. Not scary at all. LIESSSSSS!


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